C&B Custom Jigs

Welcome to our store! Here, you have the option to design your own jig and let us tie it to order for you.  We offer custom Cobia, Pompano, Bonito, and Bucktail jigs.  Our jigs attract other species as well, and, with the options you have to choose from, you could design billions of different jigs.  Every jig we produce is individually hand tied with a huge focus on detail and quality.  We only use top quality components in all of our jigs.  Every jig or jig head we sell is double coated with Pro-Tec™ Powder Paint and cured.

All of our Cobia and Large Hook Bucktail jigs are hand poured using Mustad 3407 & 3412 O'Shaughnessy hooks in sizes ranging from 7/0 to 9/0.  Our Cobia jigs range in size from 1½oz to 4oz.  Our Large Hook Bucktail jigs range in size from ¾oz to 5oz. 

All of our inshore jigs are poured using Mustad Ultra Point 2X Strong Jig hooks in black nickel (32786BLN or 32833BLN) in sizes from #1 to 7/0.  Jig sizes range from 1/8oz to 2oz.  

In addition to building your jig to order, we will periodically add pre-tied jigs for you to purchase.  We also have jig heads, either painted or unpainted, available.  We currently have 12 Cobia heads, 5 Large Hook Bucktail heads, and 23 inshore heads to choose from.  We are constantly looking for new molds to increase our selections.  If there is a jig style you would like to see on our site, please contact us using our contact form and let us know.  As you shop, be sure to add each item separately to your shopping cart which will be available while you are visiting.  

Wholesale pricing and retail packaging is available to licensed businesses.  Please send an e-mail to pricing@cbcustomjigs.com to inquire about wholesale prices.

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Cobia Jigs (12 different head styles)

Lots of different components to choose from

Pompano Jigs (10 different head styles)

All tied with crimped nylon

Painted or Unpainted Jig Heads (35 different styles)

Cobia heads, Large Hook Bucktail Heads, & Inshore Heads

Ultra Point Bucktail Jigs (12 different styles)

All poured using Mustad Ultra Point hooks

Bonito Jigs (8 different styles)C&B Exclusive Quick Dart jig

 Thank you for shopping with us today.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to fill out our contact form or send an e-mail to info@cbcustomjigs.com.